Questions & Answers

Do you have a question about blogging or wikis? Feel free to post it here (anonymously, if you wish)!

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will the students and teachers receive training on the use of the blogging/wiki page being established for the upcoming school year
-Will our blogs be private?
-Will students have their own log-ins?
-Will students be able to "talk" to each other like email?
-Will teachers filter student input? Everything goes in through the teacher. Teacher will be able to monitor.
-Privacy concerns? HS teachers have link in 1:1 icon regarding policies for posting etc. This will be provided to MS teachers.
-Will students be able to log in from home? link should be through study-wiz but that's a work in progress.
-How will copyright laws affect our blog posts?
- Will students be able to "talk" to each other like email?
No, all comments and posting will go through the moderator (teacher).
How often will the "moderator" be checking these comments? How user-friendly will teacher moderation be? How time-consuming?
Can students be given admin privileges to own part of wiki (for collaboration on projects etc)?

Is there a way to omit the computer IP addresses on the History page of this wiki?